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In my last 20 years of association with the Indian education system, I have visited thousands of schools, colleges, and universities in India and abroad. Today, I came across some young educationists at Learners International School who are doing something unique in education. They are making this nation a 21st-century superpower by empowering the next generation by way of making them a lifelong learner. I wish the concept and the excellent thought behind it turn into action soon and benefit the future generation and the country!

SK Jena Director, ICSI and Former Joint Director, CBSE

This is a wonderful school! I am smitten by the vision behind the school,which in itself is legendary. The micro-detailing and thought process required is a journey in itself. To top it all, my walk to the junior school and the amphitheatre was super! So hard to find any faults in the way school is built, the detailing is immaculate. May God bless you with all the success and fruition of your vision!

Prashant Jain

“It has been a wonderful Sunday spent at the learners international school, Greater Noida. Meeting and discussing and sharing the vision of the founding team has been an experience by itself. The learners international school has been developed and conceived with the noblest of intentions. The infrastructure and quality has come out to be amazing and thrilling, it is not merely building but the soul is unique.”

S. L. JainFormer Chairperson, NPSE

“As an Architect it’s an exhilarating feeling when the team’s dreams turn into reality and the spaces are exactly as imagined. The basic concept was to design a unique experiential learning environment which encourages creativity in a safe and secure way.”

Anuj Mehta Principal Architect

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