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We’re all born with an eager desire to learn. At Learners International, we preserve and nurture that curiosity of children through experiential and joyfullearning and help them embark on the journey of life as lifelong learners.

A Place For
Lifelong Learners

We’re all born with an eager desire to learn. At Learners International, we preserve and nurture that curiosity of children through experiential and joyful learning and help them begin the journey of lifelong learning.

Why Learners?


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It’s a community of learners where:

A student is limited to schooling, but a learner is for life. A significant barrier for children in school is that there is a perceptible separation between life and learning now and post-school – as if life and knowing begins once school is over.

By using the term ‘learner’ we break this barrier between schooling and real life. We believe that everyone is constantly learning, regardless of whether they are 12 or 40.

We strive to help children develop a Learner’s mindset, which they can carry throughout their lives. We empower children to become Lifelong Learners.

For this new age, amidst this all-encompassing technological renaissance, we need an evolved education programme. Conventional education systems focus on what to learn, but what our children learn today may not be relevant tomorrow.

Therefore, we aim to help our young learners focus on how to think and how to learn rather than what to think and what to learn.

In today’s time, information is available in abundance and is just a click away. This renders the system of memorizing and reproducing information irrelevant. It is more important for children to learn how to use the information, which can only come through practical and hands-on experience.

At Learners we aim to follow a cyclic process of thinking, doing, understanding, and reflecting in order to make learning experiential. We actively engage learners to learn by doing, reflecting on and reviewing the process and experience, conceptualizing and creating their own understanding and further applying their learnings in new settings.

The conventional education system pushes children just to take in information through bland lectures and instructions, which in turn forces a child to develop a taker mindset. It posits the teacher as the maker and child as a taker.

When children ask questions and find answers for themselves, they engage with and navigate their own learning process, which helps them develop the mindset of a maker and not a taker. Having the mindset of a maker develops a sense of agency within young learners, and helps them become natural creators.

We believe that the work of a teacher is to facilitate the learning process of children and not instruct them. At Learners, we aim to shift our teachers’ role from an Instructor to a Facilitator – someone that provides the necessary environment and resources, monitors progress, and encourages learners to become problem solvers.

We envision our school to be a Community of Learners – where children, parents and facilitators are all essential members of the community. A school can only be successful if all the stakeholders are committed and understand their role and responsibility in cultivating the curious and compassionate side of young learners, while guiding them to be lifelong learners.

Through the culture of a community, essential human traits of love, compassion, acceptance, belongingness, collaboration, communication, stewardship and integrity can easily be inculcated in young learners.

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Academic Culture

Learners International School

Learners Education Evolution Programme (LEEP):

After a thorough educational research and study, we conceptualised an evolved educational programme that navigates a child’s learning process based on the fundamentals of Thinking, Questioning, Doing, and Understanding in the most effective, efficient and joyful manner to help a child develop a Learner’s mindset for life.

Learners International School

International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Assessment:

In today’s time, with a globally connected world, our children need an education that’s truly international in its approach and gives them a global perspective. An International board puts young learners at the centre whilst connecting them with different cultures and contexts.

IB and CambridgeInternational Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Assessment are progressive, flexible, focus on skill building and seek to create a global community through their best practices while also enabling learners to act locally in their immediate environments.

A Day in School.

Day in School For Our Early Learners

A Day in School.For Our Early Learners

Arrival & Welcome

The children are welcomed with warm greetings by the facilitators and helped to settle in. This is followed by Circle Time where they share their thoughts followed by a sharing of the flow of the day.

Free Play

Children gather outdoors to enjoy structured and/or unstructured play.


They have finger food / fruit in the dining area. The longer duration classes will have an additional break where children enjoy a healthy meal.


Children enjoy a variety of language games, using manipulative materials with interactive sessions. The environments are so designed that all activities lead naturally to the development of the skills required for reading and writing. The child is an active participant rather than a receptive being in the literacy programme. They also enjoy a range of activities in the library.


The children are given exposure to concrete material moving onto abstract concepts. They engage in small group activities which include math based tasks and manipulatives. Children show numeric sense in daily problem solving situations, involving numbers and measurements.

Building Blocks

Children participate in activities that focus on the development of numbers, emotional control, social skills, language and literacy, senses, symbols, habit formation, motor skills and creative expression.

The 100 Languages

Children engage in multiple modes of self-expression through creative art, dramatics, clay modelling, science, block building, sensory, role play and storytelling, show & tell, light and shadow play and music and movement.

Closing Ritual

Children end the day with reflection.

Learners .


Learners at a .

Learners at a Glance

Empathetic Teachers

For being a nurturing mentor to a child, our teachers are abreast with the modern and innovative methodologies followed around the world.

Modern Amenities

The entire school campus is under 24×7 CCTV surveillance with an array of modern facilities to ensure complete safety of the students and staff members.

Healthy Dining

Our school kitchen is run by professional agency to meet international standards of hygiene while delivering delicious and sumptuous cuisines.

In Nature’s Lap

Located in 5 acres of a lush green campus, we have emphasized to provide conducive environment for effective and meaningful learning.

Immersive Programmes

Our performing and visual arts programs are thoughtfully designed to engage and excite young minds and nurture creative expressions.

Imaginative Classrooms

Focused on the individual needs of the child, we have structured flexible areas for classrooms to encourage the creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

What Parents say .

Radhika & Manu, Parents of Bharat (Chartered Accountants)
I visited Learners International school. Amazed to see the education programme they’ve developed a vibrant culture nurturing sustainable mindset, through such a thoughtfully designed campus. Glad to admit my ward.
Kanika & Prashant, Parents of Pavani (Chartered Accountants)
My daughter was so excited to visit the Montessori lab at Learners. She really enjoyed learning new concepts. The highlight of the school were the musical instruments brought from the Auroville sound garden which are installed all across the campus and help enhance the brain capabilities of a child.
Roopamm Bhatia, Mother of Tarun Bhatia
I would like to appreciate the efforts in conducting the webinar like Learnopedia. It was an eye opener and informative. The videos which teachers shared on how to use Montessori equipment were really appreciable. As a parent, I would like to comment that I am really happy to put my child into learners international. I think my son is really blessed to have teachers who are in LIS wherein they can take out his hidden talent and shape his personality. I am looking forward to attending more webinars like this. Kudos to the entire team of learners.

Learners .

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Most frequent questions and answers

The academic year of Learners starts from 1st April to 31st March.

The school timings are different for different classes.

Montessori – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Nursery- 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Kindergarten- 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Grade 1, 2 & 3- 8:00 AM – 02:40 PM

The age criteria for admission in the Learners International School are:

Montessori- 3 years

Nursery- 4 years

Kindergarten- 5 years

The infrastructure has been designed aesthetically to make an environment that is safe and secure, yet challenging and stimulating the child’s imagination and creative instincts.

From learning spaces to play areas, science labs to performing arts spaces, dining facilities to multipurpose sports hall – everything has been designed keeping in mind the physical and emotional wellbeing of the child.

To learn more please visit the facilities section of our website.

Health and fitness of the children is of paramount importance at Learners International School. We are well-equipped with the highly experienced professionals and medical facilities to meet up any medical requirements. We also keep the comprehensive medical records of all our students and staff members.

In order to deal with any medical emergency, we have tie up with nearby hospitals as well.

Yes, school transport is available in Greater Noida, and on some specific routes of Noida and Delhi NCR.

Keeping in mind the ground realities, Learners International School has formulated a fee structure to balance your economic stability. We have different fee structures for different classes. Please click here for a detailed information.

At Learners International School, we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the hygiene of the food served to our students. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise in providing delicious cuisines both national and International while maintaining proper hygiene. We believe children should get all the necessary nutrients from the food without compromising over the taste.

Yes, we do accept applicants from other boards, provided that they must have all the concerned documents of their previous school/board.

Learners International School is the candidate school for the Cambridge Assessment International Examination.

At Learners International the Early Years Program blends best practices from the Montessori Method of education as well as Play Way methodologies and the Reggio Emilia approach. The Cambridge Primary Curriculum builds on this strong foundation and ‘develops young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged and includes assessments that proves and improves learning.’

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Uttar Pradesh, India – 201308
+91-120-518 9100


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