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Come, step into a world that feels a lot like home;
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It’s often said, “We shape our buildings;
thereafter, they shape us"

While designing our learning spaces we made sure we design our infrastructure as spaces that aids and enhances the educational experience of a child. We have a thoughtfully designed campus informed by extensive research, where all components hold meaning and have a purpose. Its architecture is driven by the central tenet that each element of the school space has a direct and positive impact on the learning process and contributes to holistic learning of the child.


Classrooms opening right into
the gardens and the sky

Lovely and airy classrooms filled with natural light provide space for the learners to move around and enhance learning experiences. It is a pleasure walking through the doors into the spacious rooms with expansive doors that open into the sky and unfurl the imagination.

Spaces for Creators


Science does not have to only be understood from books. Our science lab is accessible to learners right from the age of three, where they lead with their curiosity, experiment, and go on to become inventors.


Learners International School believes that the mindset of an inventor can be developed in early years of life. We therefore have a well defined Makers' Programme, where IT isn’t taught in isolation but integrated with engineering and design projects to help young learners develop real problem solving skills using technology.


Because- science can’t be restricted to books! Young learners understand and develop a scientific mind through solving practical problems in our specialized lab for science.

Learners Sound Lab

Conceptualized and designed in collaboration with Svaram in Auroville, a wide array of sophisticated sound equipment have been installed at the campus with the idea of working on young minds through sound and music. The Sound Lab also works as an enchanting way of demonstrating various concepts of physics. We have many uncommon and enthralling instruments to captivate and stimulate young learners.

Giant Wind Chime
Sound Bars
Listening Ear
Storm Drum

Spaces for Adventures and Joy

Musical Splash Pad

Young learners love to get wet. Our splash pad and its watery domains with musical fountains offer boundless joy to our little learners! Young learners eagerly look forward to the combination of music, dance and water to rejuvenate and recharge on a summer afternoon.

Artificial Wall Climbing

We have an Artificial Climbing Wall built inside on which children can safely participate and still reap the benefits of a fun and challenging activity.

Jungle Gym

Our elaborately crafted Jungle Gym transports learners' imaginations to a realm of a real jungle, so that they can hang and jump around on it.

Swings and more swings

Our set of swings is every child’s dream. Slides. Jumpers, all to enable our learners to play, have fun with full abandon.

Sensory slides and walks

The Sensory Slides and Walks enhance all the senses of our children while still keeping it fun and enjoyable, giving them both the options to walk or play.

Sand Pit

Our spacious Sand Pit adds another textural element to our outdoor arena, so that kids may let go, create and explore more.

Spaces for Wellbeing


Our infirmary has been designed keeping in mind all the needs of a child who is not feeling well. From the temperature of the room to the softness of the sheets and the feel of the bed to a caring and nurturing caretaker, our infirmary will make sure the child leaves feeling well. We also regularly update our stock with the requisite medicines and are continuously up to date and in sync with the medical needs of our children.

Yoga Studio

Yoga depends a lot on the environment one performs it in. It doesn’t only keep our bodies healthy but also our minds at peace. Our Yoga Studio is a quiet, spacious room, where abundant natural light comes in. The studio is built to keep in mind the needs of the learners or a yoga practitioner and has a holistic well-being facilitator. We wish for our Learners to begin on Yoga as a practice earlier in their lives, so they have better control over their minds and bodies.

Counselling rooms

Our counselling room is a safe space where one can run to when they feel not-so-ok, overwhelmed, low or unwell. These are warm, intimate spaces that are private. Despite being private and intimate, they are not intimidating at all and are super accessible. They also have a professional in them who hears them out, counsels our learners, and helps them feel better. At Learners, our little learners can take a break and rest it out every time they want to.

Fitness and Sports

Soccer Field

A stretch of green and the lungs to our campus, children express pure glee upon looking at our expansive soccer field, which is always happy to be trod upon by tiny feet.

Spaces for Expressions

An artist is made in little, everyday moments that lead to the big ones. The experience of learning, working and simply being in a Performing Arts studio like ours, which comes with its own proper green room, sets the atmosphere to nourish budding performers.

Our imaginatively stocked and designed Visual Arts Studio is the very architecture of creative freedom and inspiration.

Designed with the aid of experts from National School of Drama, our resplendent amphitheatre looks scenic in sunlight, and provides an ethereal viewing and performing experience. With hydraulic lifts, a double-storey stage, and a seating capacity of 550, it can transport one back to the Elizabethan stage while simultaneously catapulting our imagination to unforeseen artistic possibilities of the future. TIE (Theatre in Education) is an integral part of our curriculum, and we have the best infrastructure to support that.


Books are stories we carry within ourselves, stories waiting to be lived - or, perhaps, re-lived. Our vast collection of literature housed in a well-lit and ventilated space is safe and welcoming and caters to every kind of learner.


Kitchen and Dining Hall

Dining Hall

An engaging day needs a rejuvenating break, and nutrition enables our young learners to keep their spark bright. Our dining hall is designed to facilitate a mindful and joyful eating experience,augmented by its ambience and location, where friendships bloom at every nook and corner.


We are as good, healthy and strong as the food we eat. Our kitchen multi cuisine kitchen is backed by the highest hygiene and nutrition kept in mind.

Natural big green spaces

We believe that maintaining a connection with nature on a daily basis is crucial to a healthy living in all aspects- physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Moreover, children need to feel free to move around, while also learning about plants, leaves, birds and beings that often claim our green spaces.

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